My name is Dennis Meenhuis and I work as a development lead at 4Connection, in The Netherlands. I’ve been working as a professional software developer for 9 years now. For the last 5 years I’ve been exclusively using the .NET platform, using C# as my main development language.

Before I started out at my current employer, I’ve worked for Avanade, where I quickly specialized in using the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Starting with SharePoint 2003, I quickly switched to the 2007 version when it came out. Since then I’ve been on several large projects, including new public web sites and intranet migrations for clients. My main focus is custom development and deployment, although I also find it interesting to see how much you can do with SharePoint without actually having to use custom development.

This blog will mainly contain stuff about SharePoint, things that I’ve encountered in my everyday work. It will also be used as a sort of brain dump for myself. Should I encounter something interesting, or weird, I’d like to be able to look it up later without forgetting about it :)

With the new release of SharePoint 2010, expect to see quite a few new posts about it, especially now that I’m assigned to an actual project that uses SP2010. As of late, I’ve also been doing quite some Visual Studio Tools of Office (VSTO) development, where I’ve created add-ins for Word, Outlook and Project.

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